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                       What Shamanism Means To Me

                                     Kyle Bailey founder of The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit

A shaman is often thought of as a person who is experienced at going into the spiritual realms, in order to help bring healing and harmony into physical reality. Now, as far as this definition goes, it is true.

In my life shamanism is also a part of everyday life. Shamanism is the most spiritual, and yet the most practical path that I have ever found. A part of a zen saying reads “when tired sleep, when hungry eat.” At first look, this may not make sense, yet how often are we so in the moment that we stop eating right when we feel we have had enough food.

Shamanism embraces the now. As a experiential shaman, when I quiet my daily routine mind, acculturation and fear filled limitations fall away, to be replaced by a sense of deep peace. Within this place of deep peace I find and embrace my heartfelt authentic self. For me shamanism is a calling from spirit. You do not have to be a shaman to practice shamanic methods. All perception is comprised of the energies of personal mythology. Our personal mythology can help us co-create our personal reality.

At times we are told a great lie. The lie that we are helpless meat puppets being tossed around in the high winds of life. The truth is that we are all 10,000 foot tall eternal spiritual beings having an important physical experience.

Often when I feel fear or limitation, I know that I am feeding on a lie. It is now time to turn off the deceptive TV news, and our acculturated noise filled minds. Send your awareness into your heart center. Breathe within your heart center. Allow your feelings and your awareness to come from your heart center. The authentic self comes from the heart center.

You can travel to foreign lands, and spend a short time learning from a exotic foreign shaman. Or you can go within your heart center to breath in silence and peace. Either way, you open yourself to learning from a place of authenticity! You are always the center of your personal multiverse. Whenever you stand in heart filled silence, you then learn from your authentic self.

Kyle Bailey founder of The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit

Would you like to learn, heal and evolve faster? You may want to learn about Shamanic Shapeshifting...S.S.
S.S. is a art form involving the soul. And sometimes the body. There are many levels of S.S. And many good reasons to perform a S.S. in your life. You may for example want a new carrier. A lesser common form of shapeshifting will help. Focus on your new carrier wear your new work hat. Buy the right tools. All shapeshifting is change. This example is a very small change. Other routine examples of change, or small shapeshifts are, going from childhood to adult, or going from single to married.
Now lets move on to a bigger S.S. All S.S. represents change. Small changes are a routine part of life. A bigger change is sometimes a full transformation. This represents S.S., such as when a Caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Or when a eight year old grows up to be come a saint or a spiritual leader. Separate your eternal spiritual higher self from your very conditioned inner dialogue. For the most part we are energy beings living in a energy world. Empty your ego knowledge, and allow the unlimited great mystery to aid you. Once this is done, using S.S. to help transform your life on a powerful level be comes more and more possible.
Everyone and everything are a part of the great compassionate Creator of the multiverse. When used in a compassionate and respectful way, S.S. is a powerful way to experience some of the many aspects or sides of the Creator.
If I want to S.S. lets say into a tree or a wolf. I am not just S.S. into a tree or a wolf. Each tree and each wolf, contain a part of the omnipresent soul of the Creator. The Creator is every where and every thing. Each time a S.S. is done, self knowledge is gained, and another aspect of the Creator is touched. Be sure to gain the aid and permission of what ever you wish to S.S.  One of the fastest ways to heal or learn, is to S.S. a healer or a teacher. Start slow, walk a mile in some one Else's shoes. Learn method acting, and neural logistic programing.  
Kyle Bailey, Toltec and Egyptian Shaman
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The theme for the 2015 North west Shamans Summit is the Higher Self. With this Higher Self theme in mind. I have decided to write a article entitled The Higher Self.
As a experiential shaman , these are some of my thoughts and experiences with regard to the Higher Self. First of all the Higher Self is the Authentic self. The authentic self or the higher self comes from the HEART , not the mind. The authentic or higher self can not be fully explained on the intellectual level. The roots of the higher self/authentic self , come from a place of spiritual silence and stillness. In order to better understand the higher self or the authentic self I will also talk about the LOWER SELF. In large part the lower self starts with our birth. After birth , family , friends , government , and school socialize and actualize us. We are told who we are , from many outside sources. We are told what are place in life is , from many external sources. Our so called limitations ,  are explained to us time , after time.
In shamanic Toltec terms , the lower self is the Tonal self , or the daily routine thought processes. The Tonal mind , or lower self focuses almost solely on the rational thought  process. The rational thought process has its proper place. How ever most other forms of perception are mostly unknown , or undervalued. Rational , or logical thought are greatly valued in life.
Some of the many other forms of worthy perception are
In short , only one tiny area of perception is given great value , the Newtonian mind set of two plus two is always four. And I will only believe it , after I see it. The Tonal or daily mind set leaves out about 98 % of all other forms of perception. The Tonal mind often has the need to name things out of fear , in order to control every thing. 
The HIGHER SELF ,  or the AUTHENTIC SELF , comes from  spiritual silence. In order to come from your Higher self or in Toltec terms your Nagual self . Release all that you know. And lower your awareness into a place of silence in your heart. Meditating , or praying will also strengthen your Higher self , or Nagaul self.
One easy way to find out if you are operating from the lower self or the higher self. Look within , if you feel limitation , or fear. You are operating within the lower self. How ever , if you feel at peace , you may be operating with in the higher or authentic self. Both the lower self and the higher self have value. We all grow at our own rate. It is best if we all love our self's  unconditionally.
The higher self , is very Gnostic , and intuitive. The Higher Self , has few , if any limitations.
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